Cordially welcome!

Our hotel is located in the quiet "Judengrund at the forrestedge" between Eisenberg and Burgel.

The name Silberthal comes from a Silverclear Brooklet, a litle river that runs through the judengrund.

Our hotel buildings are from 1872 and origenally built as a brewery.
In the former communistic German republic it also serviced as a holiday accomadation. After several renovations our hotel now is a comfortable place to stay for your holiday break or just an overnight stay.
The Silberthal with its fantastic forests offers great possibilities for hiking and relaxation.
The environment around our hotel has plenty surprises for our guests. Local flora and fauna in and around the forests are a pleasure for everyone that enjoys nature.
In the area around our hotel we find several possibilities for activities and sight seeing.
Indoor swimming pool, zoo, the beautiful Zeiss city of Jena,
Topferstadt Burgel with its topfer museum and Bad Klosterlausnitz. Also worth visiting is the Monistarychurch in Thalburgel and the Castlechurch of Eisenberg. Daytrips possibilities are to
Dornburger castles in the cultural city of Weimar and the caves off Saalfeld.
All this will make your visit to Silberthal very interesting and we are looking forward to your visit.